Simple and Secure Online Age Verification

Effective, secure and robust online age verification. AVYourself offers innovative age verification services for a wide range of online businesses.

Anonymised and Discrete Age Verification

AVYourself’s age verification methods are built with security and privacy at the forefront of the design, enabling frictionless customer acquisition for the merchant while offering complete peace of mind for the end user.

AVYourself has been produced in close alignment with regulatory bodies, ensuring online retailers will meet industry guidelines for age verification.

Building on seven years’ experience in providing verification services across a wide range of industries, AVYourself is simple to implement and enables online retailers of age-restricted content and services to instantly verify the age of their customers without worrying about the storage of personal information.

Easy Integration with Websites

AVYourself provides a quick and simple integration for websites, enabling web merchants to achieve and maintain cost effective compliance.

Consumers are redirected to the AVYourself platform and can chose from a variety of age verification methods such as mobile phone number, credit card, or email address verification.

The AV Roadmap

Digital Policy Alliance

In January 2015 AVYourself joins the Digital Policy Alliance, the cross-party parliamentary group working to steer policy makers on protecting children from online content which could be deemed harmful.


Digital Economy Act

The Digital Economy Act 2017 received royal assent in April 2017 meaning all online commercial adult content services accessible from the UK will be required to carry age-verification controls to prevent children from stumbling across or accessing content that isn’t appropriate for them.

It Begins2017


In 2018 the UK government approves the appointment of the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) as the regulator for age verification of online pornography in the UK.

Regulator Chosen2018

Enforced Age Checks

Age checks for online websites containing adult content are expected to come into force during 2019. As the regulator and UK government sign off on the final guidance for merchants and age verification providers. Age Verification providers such as AVYourself prepare for certification.


Age Verification in the Retail and Gambling sectors

In early 2019 enhanced age checks for online betting and gambling sites are outlined and further industries are expected to follow in 2020.


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